Our Portfolio

Aviation Test Equpment

  • Royal Dutch Naval Air Services

    • Fuel nozzle test stand

    • Fuel nozzle cleaner / decarboniser

    • Gearbox components Oil flow test stand

    • Thermo Control Box (sport repair on Epoxy laminates, especially rotor wings)

    • Hose static pressure tester

    • Tacho generator tester

    • Fuel accessories test stand

  • KLM Schiphol Airport

    • Mass Flow Bleed Air Heat Exchaner Test Stand

    • Engineering / Consultancy Flap Drive Torque Limiter test set-up

    • Oil servicing platform

  • Aero Ground Services Schiphol Airport

    • De-Icing Fluid Blending and Batching Station

  • AAR Allen Airmotive

    • Universal Actuator and Servo Valve test stand

    • Universal Hydraulic Test Stand

    • Universal Starter Generator Test Stand

    • Service / representation agreement

  • Hawker Pacific Aerospace
    • Universal Actuator and Servo Valve Test Stand

  • Egypt Air
  • Alitalia
    • Electronics & Software Full automatic Fuelmass Flow transmitter testing

  • Lufthansa
  • Air Berlin

Industrial Equipment