Privacy policy

What will Nedquip do with any contact data I provide?

Nedquip will not use your contact information for any mass-mailings unless indicated or agreed to otherwise.
Nedquip will however store your contact information, for future reference.
Nedquip will never disclose this information to a third party, unless personally agreed to.

Which information does Nedquip collect from me?

Nedquip will store the IP address you used to visit this website, and how long you have spent on the site.
To be more specific, Nedquip will store how long you spent on which page, and if you accessed this page through a direct link or bookmark.
This information is used as internal reference for Nedquip only, and will never be disclosed to a third party.
Nedquip does not link any contact data you enter in our 'contact us' form to your IP address as reference, unless we notice abuse of the contact form.
In case of contact form abuse, the offending IP address will be stored, and denied access to our contact form.