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Over time, Nedquip has developed several products, in the form of production line improvements, testing equipment and other turn-key solutions which can be assembled and installed on demand.


Nedquip Bottle Positioning SystemThe BPS or Bottle Positioning System is a servo driven module that can handle free standing objects (in this case glass bottles) on a conveyor with speeds up to 200 bottles per minute. The BPS or stabilizer fixates the moving objects on the conveyor, while positioning them to or from a pre defined position. In the examples on our website, the BPS is used for feeding and extracting bottles to/from a bottle printing machine for round glass.


Nedquip Automatic Paint Dosing SystemThe APDS or Automatic Paint Dosing System is a full automatic system for melting, pumping and dosing of traditional enamels as used for silk screen bottle decoration. The APDS is the only way to fully comply with all safety related CEE requirements while working with bottle decorating machines. The pumping module and large reservoir are mounted to the exterior of your decorator, while only the hoses enter the hazardous working area. All safety windows of your decorator can remain closed, while enamel is fed to the moving silk screen automatically at a operator defined temperature and interval. The interval is in bottles per pump stroke: the APDS automatically follows the production speed of your decorator production line.

Universal Large Objects Handling and Automation Module

Nedquip Universal Large Objects Handling and Automation Module in use as flame spraying equipmentWork piece lengths up to four meter, and with a diameter up to two meters can be rotated, while a transversal platform travels back and forth along the work piece. The rotational speed and transversal speed, start and stop position, as well as the number of transversal strokes can be entered by the operator via a touch screen. By mounting for instance flame spraying equipment on the transversal platform, an operator can deposit fully automatic, and very accurately a layer of material to a pre defined area on the work piece.

Delta Robot

SiWays Spider delta robotThe delta robot reinvented without spherical ceramic joints. Besides Nedquip’s unique solution for the joints, the Nedquip concept is adaptable to almost any required reach: Our standard carbon fiber tubular arms can be longed or shortened in order to obtain the optimum robot size in relation to required reach!!! All bearings of the robot, inclusive it’s fourth axis are of the dry (lubricant free) type, a high tech fiber reinforced polymer. This material was especially selected for optimum performance in combination with the very hard surface treated aluminium alloy, and the narrow tolerances during production. This truly unique, yet flexible design offers our customers the best performance for the best price in the market. Together with our WAYS partner VSE, also available with complete SIEMENS servo system, controllers and software for path planning: a ready to use robot module, to be integrated in any production or packaging line!

Electronics & Software flush control unit test stand

Flush Control Unit test stand software screenshotFlush Control Units are basically computerized control units that activate and monitor all components of an aircraft vacuum toilet: water valve, rinse valve, vacuum generator, flush command button are all activated in the proper sequence, and performance is monitored. Any fault in the system performance is stored in memory, and transmitted to the flight attendant information panel / aircraft bus system. During overhaul in the workshop, the operator needs top establish communication with the FCU, in order to read and reset fault memory, and monitor response to specific commands.

Lavatory equipment computerised test stand (micbac, RS 232 and CANbus)

Flush Control Unit test standA flush control unit test stand with extended capability: the entire toilet Assy, and all of its internal components can be tested fully automatic. The operator can write automatic test sequences in a text processor like word, without having specific programming knowledge. Measuring of valve travel time, amperage and voltage during travel, etc. can be displayed in a graph, and results are stored on the computer’s hard disk for later evaluation or print out.

Emergency Slide Regulator Tester

Nedquip Emergency Slide Regulator Test StandA complete set of equipment and tools needed for testing and calibration of the emergency slide activation system (slide regulator). An ergonomically optimized sound proofed test chamber, high speed accurate pressure monitoring system, graphing display, and all software tools required for analyzing and pinpointing the pressure graph. Trace recording starts and ends automatically, test data , component data, operator data, identified slope, marking points, etc. are all stored on hard disk for later evaluation or report print out.

Landing Gear Test Stand

Nedquip Landing gear Test StandFlexible, powerful hydraulics: two independent 25 GPM systems can be combined to one 50 GPM system. All landing gear hydraulic components from actuators to servo valves can be tested. Manual pressure and flow controls, all data via computer system Touch screen: fully flexible graphing of all measured data, to be configured and assigned by operator with a touch on the Skydrol resistant touch screen. Automatic cycling with a pre entered number of strokes, programming of the mA power supply for the anti skidding servo valves: all programmed by the operator via the touch screen (no computer knowledge required). All stainless steel test console with sliding safety doors.